Wherever there is glass, we can IMPROVE it!!



We use only high-quality Madico tint for our automotive, commercial, and marine applications.

Madico film will forever change the way you look at through windows, whether in your office, home, or car. A company that has proven its window film expertise for decades is pushing the boundaries and breaking the rules. Not only does this state of the art technology offer all the benefits you expect from window films, it gives you more of what you want… a lot more…

Premium cars require matching performance from their windows.

Automotive films pair natural beauty with sound scientific research for the ultimate in window film style and performance.


  • Exceptional optical clarity / “High definition” visibility
  • Increased Glare Reduction
  • Up to 99% blockage of UV rays
  • Up to 61% heat rejection
  • Up to 82% reduction in Infrared heat
  • Added shatter resistance
  • Multiple shade choices, light to dark
  • Protection against interior fading
  • Manufacturer’s lifetime warranty


  • Energy efficiency – Madico Window Films reduce HVAC costs by reducing the entry of solar heat in summer and retaining heat during cooler months.
  • Increased employee comfort and productivity by maintaining a consistent climate and reducing the effect of “hot spots”.
  • Enhanced appearance by eliminating visual clutter and creating a sleek, uniform appearance, while greatly reducing the fading of furniture, carpeting, and artwork by screening out 99% of harmful UV rays.
  • Safety – Madico window films, along with the health benefits of UV reduction, help to hold shattered glass in place in the case of an accident or disaster.

For additional specifications, please visit the Madico website.